Richard G. Henry, Investigator 23

Bureau of Internal Internet Investigations

Area 51, NV

Dear Literary Agent,

We need your help! A female scientist known only as KAITLIN and her boyfriend CHRIS have kidnapped CHRISí terminally ill sister SUSAN. The reasons are vague but it is believed KAITLIN has developed a cure for Cancer using high frequency soundwaves and is attempting to cure her. SUSANís husband MARK insists his wife will die unless she receives medical treatment immediately. MARK has contacted the media and the story has reached an almost hysterical level. THE FBI has issued an All Points Bulletin out for their capture. The Eastern Seaboard has been blanketed with wanted posters.

The FBI discovered KAITLINís lab in her parentís garage in Cape Cod, apparently she worked there after she was unable to find a job after graduating from college. Her parents SYLVIA and GREG have been interviewed numerous times but we have learned very little except KAITLINís flight has affected her motherís social standing in the community, and her father GREG is a Professor at the local University and this may have given KAITLIN access to advanced scientific equipment.

MARK insists there is on occult connection and has played this up to the media. The situation has been only made more acute by the recently revealed fact that SUSAN is pregnant. MARK insists KAITLIN has brainwashed SUSAN into giving up the child to the cult.

CHRIS appears to be deeply involved in the kidnapping as well. He was the one who broke SUSAN out of the private medical facility, where she was receiving treatment. The authorities have searched his apartment and discovered a number of computers. It is believed he is using a network of underground computer hackers to help them find safehouses, transportation and updates on the Police investigation. The FBI has been attempting to crack the codes used by these hackers but they have been lightning quick to change aliases on an almost hourly basis. We have had a bit more luck tracking them by following the signals generated by the wireless modem they are using. Their last sighting was in the Boston area but our technicians have, as recently as yesterday, tracked their signal to the Washington DC and Philadelphia areas. The Computer Hackers are very sophisticated and we have been unable to crack their network. The Hackers firmly believe in KAITLINís theory and a grassroots movement to spread the word about her ideas has begun in earnest via the Internet, numerous websites have popped up with not only her notes but the ultrasonic sounds she claims cures cancer. We are currently applying for a court orders to shut these websites down.

The net is definitely tightening on these two kidnappers. Every precaution is being taken to ensure the safety of SUSAN and her unborn child. The FBI has alerted emergency services in the appropriate cities to be on high alert. Through extensive media coverage and advanced surveillance technology we are confident we will capture them soon.

We are contacting all well-known Literary Agents nationwide because it is believed KAITLIN is writing a novel to try and profit from this story. Please call us immediately should she contact you. And may we remind you abetting a wanted criminal is a felony, and all your assets may be seized should you try and profit from any involvement with this case.


Richard G. Henry

Investigator 23

Bureau of Internal Internet Investigations, Area 51, NV

Attached is a portion of the manuscript we managed to decrypt from one of her transmissions. This may help you recognize her style of writing should she use an alias.


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