Dave Kusworth Fan Page

Welcome to the Dave Kusworth Fan Page. A few weeks ago I was searching for information on the singer-songwriter and found very little so I'm taking matters into my own hands.

I don't really know much about pre-history except he played with Nikki Sudden in the Jacobites before forming the Bounty Hunters. I first heard him on the LP "50,000 Glass Fans Can't Be Wrong" on Glass records. The song was "Into My Arms" and it's awesome! It's also available on a Jacobites 2 CD called "Robespierre's Velvet Basement." The next record I found was "Dave Kusworth and the Bounty Hunters" released on Texas Hotel Records. Talk about an awesome album! Kinda Bluesey - Folky, but the lyrics are amazing, especially "Glimpse of your Heart." Always great to listen to when you remember old girlfriends and get depressed. Excellent music to paint to as well.

Because of the lack of a Discography I can only go by bits and pieces I've picked up. I recently read he was in a band with Stephen Duffy [pre - Duran Duran]

After the first LP came "Threads, a tear stained scar" which is on CD. The music is much more electric than the first LP.

Then came "Wives, Weddings & Roses" on creation records. It moved back to acoustic side of things which suited the lyrics. It starts out with "Walking through a gallery, always haunted by one face..." It appears to have 2 demo tracks as a bonus. It was released in 1991

The CD "All the Heartbreak Stories" was next. It has 11 tracks also on creation and was released in 1991. It has a number of great songs, including "One Sunday Morning" with added female vocals. The song "Next Tuesday" which leads off the CD is also a winner.

Another CD was released around this time with the bittersweet title, "Champagne Dreams, Lemonade Pockets." It's a compilation of each of the previous four albums. I don't own but I'm trying to locate it. I've seen it on UK websites for $39.00! That's a lot of cash.

Things have been quiet for a while. I think the Jacobites reformed for a time and released quite a lot of CD's on a small US label.

Then, out of nowhere. 3 new CD's. A 10 track German CD titled "Princess Thousand Beauty," on Glitterhouse records and still in print. Then 2 new CD's on the UK label Wagging Dog. One is called "Dave Kusworth" and the other "English Disco", both are available, although "English Disco", which is outtakes from the "Dave Kusworth" CD on Wagging Dog. It is limited to 1,000 copies. I've have yet to hear the new CD's on Wagging Dog but he was in fine form on the "Princess Thousand Beauty" CD.

I also believe he plays on the new Nikki Sudden CD but I think it's actually a compilation.

Does anyone know what style these guys dress in is called? I see guys like this occasionally in LA but there is really no way to explain it. Oh Well, the music rocks.


1. "Dave Kusworth and the Bounty Hunters"

2. "Threads, A Tear Stained Scar"

3. "Wives, Weddings, & Roses

4. "All The Heartbreak Stories"

5. "Champagne Dreams, Lemonade Pockets"

6. "Princess Thousand Beauty"

7. "Dave Kusworth"

8. "English Disco" - outtakes from "Dave Kusworth"

Any information would be appreciated!