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The Blue Environment2000A study in sound of pure blue.
Quiet Moments in A War2000 A man recounts a past love affair in a foreign land.
San Francisco Soliquy2000The city awakens on a sunday morning.
10 Notes on a Winter's Day1999An existentialist's view of nature.
Pacific19994 short meditative films about the Ocean.
Funny How Love Is...1998A couple relive their past while rehearsing for a new play.
Swing The Heartache1997A solo trumpet wails as a man and woman recount their past.
The Silent Woman of Majorca1996Two vacationers tell a stranger about the mysterious woman they met in Majorca.
1000 Dreams1991A sonnet for the shadow people, those who haunt the hour of the wolf.
Broken Lives1990An epiphany for a dying world.
Film of the Week1989A maniac searches for his bounty!
Monotony1988And you thought your life was boring?
I Hear Only Silence Now...1988In a world without sound everything takes on a different aura.
The Beggars Ballet1987An existential 'day in the life'.
The Nighttime is the most Creative (Because all the stupid people are asleep)1987Known to induce vomiting. Watch at your own risk.

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