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Oct 06 - long time to wait for an update! Book never went through. still have some ideas for painting but haven't painted in 2 years - taking a break!

more to come - hopefully

Oct 04 - Still continuing with the sound paintings and music. Hope to show them soon. Writing isn't going too well. I need to edit a lot of stuff and editing is a pain.

Nov - New paintings are moving along at an amazing rate. The latest greatest painting [not posted] is wrapped in copper wire which creates an antenna. The sound from the CD player bleeds through from the 'antenna'. I saw a Brian Eno lecture on 'The clock of the long now" in San Francisco - quite inspiring, glad he talked about mostly his music. I too need to slow down and finish things completely. With the press of time it feels like you have so little time to 'work' yet you're always thinking you're falling behind.

Sept - Decided against the 'Publish on Demand' route for my novel. As they say, "Too good to be true."

August - Adding a Gallery of the new paintings. Book is still on target to be published in the Fall. Click here to visit.

July - My mystery novel "The Best Places to Commit Murder in San Francisco - A Guidebook" is being published. Click the link to read an excerpt. Hopefully it will be available in late Fall of 2003

June - Examples of the new work [Paintings] should be posted soon.

May - My Paintings have radically changed.

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